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Presentation of the Montreal Harbour Training Center

The Montreal Harbour Training centre proposes a complete service in terms of training and workforce development skills related to loading and unloading ships on port terminals. The MHTC also ensures an active involvement on organizational development with continuous monitoring on the best practices in the Human resources management. Among our clients, we find particularly the port labour, the stevedoring companies and the shipping lines. The MHTC is proud to propose a wide range of training offers, which answers the organization’s challenges regarding the workforce’s skill development. All the training programs are developed by our experts of contents. In certain cases, the MHTC made sure to obtain certificates of the industry leader in order to transmit their training contents (fall protection and confined space). Moreover, all of our training programs are recognized by Emploi-Quebec, in accordance with the certificate of agreement issued by the government authority.

4840, rue Molson, Montréal (Québec) H1Y 3J8 Phone : 514 524-7442 Fax : 514 524-5442


Sébastien Lambert

Vice-President, Administration and Secretary 514 878-3721, Ext : 3252

Sanae Aabi

Chief of service, Manpower Training 514 524-7442, Ext : 4801

Tricya Dupuis-Pageau

Consultant, Manpower Training 514 524-7442, Ext : 4808

Daniela Cordoba

Consultant, Manpower Training 514 524-7442, Ext : 4811

Valentina Diaz

Administrative assistant 514 524-7442, Ext : 4812

The Trainers

A team of thirty trainers, experts in their field, ensures a continuous development in the training contents and its diffusion. The courses' contents are elaborated following the highest industry standards, and this, for every machinery. The trainers are up to date and follow the technological progress, alternating between their occupation as trainers and their active participation on port terminal's operations.