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Industrial Relations

The Industrial Relations department is mandated to represent the employers’ interests when appearing before the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC), the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB), and other administrative tribunals. It is also the industrial relations team that negotiates all collective agreements for the Ports of Montreal, Trois-Rivières/Bécancour, Hamilton and Toronto.

The department is also qualified to offer any assistance in the interpretation and application of various collective agreements. A team of industrial relations advisors is available to members at all times to resolve potential conflicts and interpret the clauses of the signed agreements.

The Industrial Relations handles all grievances. When a grievance is filed, a process is set in motion which will end in either a negotiated agreement or a hearing before an arbitrator. The department acts as a link between the member company, legal counsel and all other people involved in the related file.

Department Contacts

514 878-3721

Nicola Dolbec

Vice-President, Industrial Relations

ndolbec@mea.ca Ext: 3272

Jean-Sébastien Barale

Director, Industrial Relations

jsbarale@mea.ca Ext: 3262

Jean-Pierre Langlois

Senior Business Partner, Labour Relations

jplanglois@mea.ca Ext: 3265

Simon Lebrun

Team Leader, Industrial Relations

slebrun@mea.ca Ext: 3247

Jennifer Pery

Team Leader, Health and Wellness and Remuneration and Recruitment

jpery@mea.ca 514 866-5965

Daniel-Christopher Arcudi

Industrial Relations Consultant

dcarcudi@mea.ca Ext: 3220

Antoine Dénommée Godin

Industrial Relations Consultant

adenommeegodin@mea.ca Ext: 3238

Naouel Bendahmane

Assistant, Industrial Relations

nbendahmane@mea.ca Ext: 3249

Alexandra Gallant

Talent Acquisition, Health and Wellness Consultant

agallant@mea.ca Ext: 3231

Charlotte Gagné

Industrial Relations Consultant

charlottegagne@mea.ca Ext: 3232

Health and Safety

The MEA recognizes that occupational health and safety at work is more than a priority, it is a value which transcends throughout the longshoring operations activities at the Port of Montreal.

The mandate of the MEA’s Health and Safety Department is not only to coordinate all health and safety procedures with member companies but also to train, with the collaboration of the Training Centre, inform and advise the concerned parties on the legislation that is in force. In addition, it acts as a resource service and relationships between members in the application and implementation of prevention policies to promote health and safety among employees.

The Health and Safety department presides over joint safety committees and, with the assistance of experts in the field, who participate in these committees, investigates, develops and establishes tools and methods to promote a constant evolution of safety practices and ensures that health and safety becomes an essential part of longshoring operations.

The shipping industry falls under federal jurisdiction and a number of ministries and organizations are involved in establishing legislation, policies and principles for the industry, such as Human Resources Social Development Canada, as well as, Transports Canada – Maritime Safety and Security. On the other hand, the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) is the organization that deals with workers’ compensation for employees who are victims of accidents at work.

Since it is an undeniable fact that safety is inherent to the profitability of any company, the MEA knows the importance of establishing definite health and safety procedures and in raising the awareness of employees in order to offer a safe and secure working environment.

Department Contacts

514 524-7442

Sébastien Lambert

Vice-President, Administration and Secretary

slambert@mea.ca Ext: 3252

Gaïus Renelick

Chief of Service, Occupational Health and Safety

grenelick@mea.ca Ext: 4803

Amélie Giordan

Occupational Health and Safety Consultant

agiordan@mea.ca Ext : 4807

Sandrine Doyon

Occupational Health and Safety Consultant

sdoyon@mea.ca Ext : 4809

Labour Force and Dispatch

The Maritime Employers Association is responsible for the daily dispatch of manpower to employers involved in longshoring operations throughout the Ports of Montreal, Trois-Rivières/Becancour. The dispatch department must ensure that it always abides by the rules and regulations contained in the collective agreements that are in force.

In Montreal, the daily dispatch of manpower is entirely automated. A computerized system allows the MEA to manage the orders for manpower and obtain, on a daily basis, the results of the dispatch in less than 15 minutes. At the Port of Trois-Rivières/Becancour, the regular procedure for the dispatch of manpower is partially automated; the Dispatch Centre is in support when needed.

At the Ports of Toronto and Hamilton, the orders for and the dispatch of manpower are done directly between the companies and the various unions.

Department Contacts



Guillaume Couture

Director, Labour Force and Dispatch

gcouture@mea.ca Ext: 3214

Carlos Ackermann

Dispatch Centre Supervisor

cackermann@mea.ca Tel: 514-866-1411


Nicola Dolbec

Vice-President, Industrial Relations

ndolbec@mea.ca Ext: 3272

Jean-Sébastien Barale

Director, Industrial Relations

jsbarale@mea.ca Ext: 3262

Jean-Pierre Langlois

Senior business partner, Labour Relations

jplanglois@mea.ca Ext: 3265

Victor Potvin

Chief of Service, Industrial Relations, Trois-Rivière/Bécancour

vpotvin@mea.ca Tel: 819-376-5580

Mélanie Bernier

Main Dispatcher

mbernier@mea.ca Tel: 819-376-5580

Maika Leduc

Talent Acquisition & Development Adviasor

mleduc@mea.ca Tel: 819-376-5580


Santina Lippa

Labour Relations Specialist

slippa@mea.caTel: 365-317-8060