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The Maritime Employers Association’s Artificial Intelligence Project

Galileo: A Technological Revolution Benefiting the Supply Chain

The MEA is proud to announce the launch of its artificial intelligence project, Galileo. Designed in collaboration with Airudi and with the contribution of Scale AI, this revolutionary tool is designed to improve the planning surrounding the dispatch of the port workforce. 

Using artificial intelligence, Galileo will complement the Port of Montréal’s projects by providing unprecedented supply chain visibility. This new tool makes it possible to accurately predict the arrival time of ships up to 21 days in advance. This is a tremendous improvement over the status quo – which allows for only 24 hours of real-time visibility – and will therefore improve the performance and increase fluidity at the Port of Montréal.

Taking into account port traffic, the weather, and the quantity and type of merchandise, Galileo will propose an optimal scenario for the dispatch of the labour force that both respects the collective agreements, and factors in the availability of port workers and the required classifications. Terminal operators will therefore have an additional resource at their disposal to help them make better decisions regarding their labour needs. 

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An entire supply chain ecosystem will benefit from this improved visibility and will be able to better plan the handling of merchandise between ship, road, and rail. The Port of Montréal will become much more competitive in the management of its operations.

Expected Benefits

  • A reduction in labour shortages
  • Optimized hiring costs
  • Lower error ratio in labour forecasting
  • Optimized technical training programs
  • Better coordination between stakeholders thanks to improved visibility on labour capacity
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