Modernizing our deployment system: a major initiative

In 2020, following a risk analysis at MEA, the conclusion was unequivocal: the computer systems in use were out of date. The system managing the daily deployment and labour planning was over 40 years old.

One of MEA’s greatest challenges is the daily deployment of nearly 1,700 port employees to the ports of Montréal, Contrecœur, Trois-Rivières and Bécancour. Each day, MEA ensures that there is sufficient labour to load and unload ships as quickly as possible. The fluidity of the Quebec and Canadian supply chain depends on it.

MEA therefore launched a major initiative to modernize its computer tools and systems.

Terminal operators can use an online application to request the number of employees desired as well as the classifications required to ensure daily activities.

The Dispatch Center team receives a first draft assignment from the system and checks all the information received from the terminals to coordinate the best possible deployment.

In parallel, new tools were launched for data analysis and business intelligence. All these changes make it possible to access data in real time, or almost, and better analyze our business practices.

Thanks to this project, MEA is ready to work on a new artificial intelligence project.